Sunday, May 6, 2012

Super Moon

Tonight (5/5/12) was a phenomenon called super moon in which coincidentally the moon is full and it's at it's perigee-syzygy.  At this point, not only is the moon's elliptical orbit it is closest to Earth, there is also a straight line between moon, Earth and sun.  Super moons appear 14% bigger and up to 30% brighter than regular full moons.  Tonight's moon is the brightest it will be in 2012.

I was fortunate enough to see the moon rise.  I was at work but had a set of binoculars with me and passed them around to others who were interested.  My plan was to view with stronger binoculars once home from work.  First bungee cord the binocs to a tripod then take a photo through the lense, sounds easy enough, right?  I've done it with a telescope in the past and if you take a whole bunch of shots you might get one decent photo.  Once I'd captured the elusive beauty there was always the hot tub.  Full moon and meteor showers are some of my favorite times to tub.  But once the dogs were walked etc. the moon was hiding behind a blanket of clouds. I've still got everything ready in case the clouds thin before bedtime but that's not looking likely.  So instead I've opted for these internet offerings under "super moon images."

I hope you were lucky enough to catch the beauty but if not, the transit of Venus is the next big celestial event (that I'm aware of).

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  1. Interesting, about that Super Moon. I had 4 hens setting on eggs. They take 21 days to hatch. Not all those hens sat on the same day, but they did set within the same week. Night of the Super Moon, all four hen's clutches hatched. Some were obviously not quite ready yet, with their tummies a bit soft from the absorbed yolk. Somehow, the pull of the moon over rode the usual 21 day magik, and those chicks wanted OUT. The pull of the moon does amazing little things that we mortals rarely notice, but on this one night, I was privy to how powerful the Call of the Moon can be!