Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Chain Deadlifts

This morning I pulled deadlifts with double strand 7/8 inch quarry chain looped on either end of the bar in addition to plates.  Amazing how much bigger and heavier 7/8 is than 1/2 logging chain.

Little clouds of rust puffed as the links rose and fell perhaps providing my iron requirement by pulmonary route.  This was true quarry chain after all, straight from a Vermont granite quarry thanks to Brian, a fellow performance lifter.

Chain deads were the day's first exercise combined with endocrine response and Your Loss, punk/ska by Spitvalves, (feel good music!), the day's high point was established.

My father was a lifter; it's in my blood.  Thirty-five years of organized, consistent lifting with an addittional 3-4 years of haphazard training before that, clearly this is what I'm meant to do.  One more day as lifter in the bank.
7/8 quarry chain juxtaposed to 1/2 logging chain on the end of a Texas Powerbar for perspective - no comparison.


  1. How you holding up, physically? That looks quite the challenge. BTW: like the line about "one more day in the bank". where do you come up with these gems?

  2. I've got good days and bad. How much of a challenge it is depends on how much you've got on the bar! "One more in the bank" is how I'm looking at things. The longer I can go in life with a physical presence that comes close to matching what's in my soul, well, that's one more in the bank.