Sunday, April 22, 2012

Off-Road 4/21/12

We leave pavement behind.
Trying to take a photo while concentrating on avoiding obstacles.
 Cooling engine and drive train... and dogs.
I was boiling hot having worn long johns under the jeans.
 '84 Nissan
Waiting while the small Nissan scouts ahead.
 Rock crawling.
The S turn is the most challenging part of the trail.
Squeezing my enormous 3/4 ton around the tight S turn.  Drive train stress was high enough to pop it out of 4WD.
 We find a safe fire spot under drought conditions.
Our view for the day.
 Home made chili, corn chips, ice tea (@stream temperature).
 Dennis was amazed how much Mak soaks up my affection.

 Nightfall.  After this photo we found numerous salamanders and endangered spotted salamanders in the beaver pond.  When an owl hooted over our shoulders we searched around and spotted it sitting on a branch.  We weren't sure it was the owl or a broken off branch because it refused to look towards the light.  But flying off was the giveaway.
 Flames reflected in the brook.
 Heading out c. 23:30.

 Dennis monitors the GPS.

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