Saturday, March 31, 2012

Geezer Training

Pete and I haven't trained together since high school.  He is a genetic "freak" and had the capacity to be a professional athlete.  No way could I ever keep up with him in the strength game.  A few months of semi-casual training yielded him a 650 deadlift, and 315X10 in the bench was pretty effortless as a lifetime drug-free lifter.  In these photos we are grabbing a quick workout in his basement.  I'm banging off a few front squats, an exercise that without doubt "separates the men from the boys."  Think you're tough? How much do you front squat?
Pete taking light high bar back squats.
Nursing my arthritic shoulders with some gingerly done one-arm T-bar rows.
Seated dumbbell upright pulls.
Pete's got these weird square dumbbell "things"  At least they can get reasonably heavy, 120 maybe?  I don't recall for sure.
I've got to be very cautious with overhead movements but these light pulldowns were okay.
It was nice to train together again.  Though like most performance lifters in our age bracket, we've got to train cautious due to accumulated mileage (hate that) it was easy to see how in our youth we pushed ourselves to the limits of performance.  To quote Pete, "That's how we defined ourselves," by out-performing everyone in the house.  And if that ain't worth a few extra miles on the body of an alpha male, what is?

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