Thursday, February 9, 2012

Where ARE They?

The online dating fiasco continues.  Seems there are no "good ones" left out there.  I look of course, and continue to wait but have little hope.  Most women online don't strike me as intellectual - as for athletes? - rare as hen's teeth especially by mid-life.

My ex and I spoke for the first time since November.  We talked over an hour and as usual got along very well.  As I lament daily, she's a tough act to follow.  BUT if I did find an athlete who was well-read, could converse on varied topics and was sure of herself and what she wanted, I could certainly be swept off my feet.  So... I don't know how bright Yelena is and in any case she's waaay too young for this ol' geezer but, yes, she is athletic and toned. 
Sadly these kinds of women aren't out there and each time I take an ever-so-dry run through "possible matches" find them so lacking, my mind snaps back to the last place I found happiness, my ex.  I've flown solo for decades, learned to be happy on my own, did it well, blah, blah, blah, but there comes a time for partnership.  Hell, the clock is ticking damnit.  Beauty, body, brains, (at least commensurate with mine) no kids and solid financial perspective.  Where indeed are they?

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