Monday, February 6, 2012

Superbowl & More of the Cute Girls

OHMYGOD!  There they are!
For the game this year Rob and I have decided to watch our girlish figures so instead of chips and wings we've got these bowls of vegetable bits and bird seeds.  The way we see it, birds've got to watch their figures too, right?  I mean you don't see FAT birds 'cause they couldn't fly.
NOT!  Those bowls are for birds in Peg's care.  She runs a bird sitting/rescue business.  This is the food I bought to bring over.  I eat infrequently but when I do, watch your fingers.  I knew I'd be packing it away and didn't want to feel like a rude hog so I "picked up a few things."  Normally, I never eat this type of trash.  Pub food.
The only bird food we're eating is the birds themselves.  Here Rob prepares a sheet of Buffalo wings.
And all poor Hachi can do is watch through the screen door.
Yep, where there's food, there's dogs waiting for something to drop.
"Someone" is tucked into my side just like last time.  You can see her tiny muzzle is a little smooshed from being against me.  Her name is Latte.
Yeah but do you really love me?
Okay, I'm convinced.
Belichick looks disappointed and who can blame him?  I was rooting for the Pats too but with such a prime example of paedomorphism in one's lap it's hard to feel anything but warm and fuzzy.  These girls are 13 y.o.  similar to 90 -odd human years.
Thanks so much Rob & Peg for your hospitality and friendship!

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