Sunday, February 12, 2012

One for the Team

Readers of my Heroes 'N Pirates blog are familiar with the idea of strength through bonding.  I keep finding new evidence in life or literature about unity.  We humans are a social species and draw strength from being together.  In Sam Sheridan's, A Fighter's Heart, he discovers this theme while training with Brazilian Top Team in Rio:
Photo from Brazilian Top Team web site
Fighting is the most solitary form of competition; you are alone out there.  But what I hear again and again is how important the team is, and not just from the Brazilians, but from other MMA fighters as well.  The team is what gets you there.  Team members train and spar and cajole you, push you through the rigors and hellish boredom of training, and they support you and protect you from nerves in the days and hours leading up to a fight.  Fighting is strangely enough, a team sport.  Ze said, "These guys, they are all studying jiu-jitsu ten years or more.  They are strong, their bodies are very developed.  Now we must develop their minds and spirits.  The brotherhood protects you and makes you better; the most important thing is respect and honor and friendship.  Union and respect and family sense are what are going to make you strong in the ring."

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