Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Was It Something I Said - OMD

Readers of my Heroes 'N Pirates blog know I'm into punk.  But it's not all I listen to.  In summer of '84 my brother introduced me to an incredible new sound from Europe by a group called Orchestral Manoeuvers in the Dark.  I was immediately swept away by their haunting melodies.  Even now whenever I hear them I get very emotional, sentimental and feel I'm floating around up there in Maxfield Parish clouds.  During college I used to listen with headphones in a darkened room to this music.  I've never tired of it and the music never lost punch.   Not even a little.  A quarter century later, I still want Romance of the Telescope played at my funeral not because of the lyrics but the melody seems such a dirge.  It is the first song of theirs I fell in love with... best played, as all their ballads, in high fidelity with lots of bass.  Off the same album International is perhaps even more haunting.

I must admit much of their stuff is too "techno weird" for me and their look is embarrassingly Eighties but...

Tonight a song on the radio triggered a memory of OMD's: Was It Something I Said.  I've taken some artistic licence by restructuring some of the lyics to more accurately match my sentiments but, of course, without the music the lyrics have little power.  To hear the song click the link above.

Was it something I said
Or something you read
Is changing your mind
Is turning you around...

And swear that you're fine
I can hate you no more...
Almost half of my life
Just fell right on the floor...

You say you don't know
I say anything goes...

I'm know I'm not perfect
I wanted to be

Is somebody wrong
And somebody right
What was it made up your mind
What could change overnight

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