Wednesday, February 1, 2012

In Response to Proposed Pit Bull Ban

I wrote the text below as a comment on a blog that was raising the idea of breed specific legislation aimed against pit bulls.  I was amazed at how people missed the most important concepts so I've copied them in red below:

As for pits, readers of my old Heroes ‘N Pirates blog well know, I’m a pit bull advocate and ran my own micro rescue years ago. I believe breed specific legislation to be misguided for many reasons which I won’t belabor too much here ’cause on this subject I could go on and on.

 Please indulge me a few moments though. Perhaps THE most important thing to remember is dog aggression and human aggression are very different. For those who can handle the grim images Off The Chain is a very informative 6 part youtube video series that shows what real dog fighting is about. The dog fighters tell the public what aficionados have known forever: human aggressive pits are not tolerated and the breed has been specifically bred to be people friendly. Of course this is in direct contract to media persecution. Your boyfriend still has his fingers because of this. His bites were most likely accidental as the pit was trying to bite the other dog. I can say from personal experience in breaking up dog fights, it’s always the other dog who has bitten me but I HAVE had broken skin from trying to pry open my dogs jaws (like when Ty wouldn’t let go of the crab shell he was eating on the beach). There are 2 ways to get pits to let go: choke them off using their collar (hands don’t work, I know from personal experience) and using a breaking stick (looks like an over-sized letter opener).
Pits aren’t big offenders when it comes to killing humans. The Pit Bull Placebo by Karen Delise is an objective, in depth review of death stats for the last 100 or so years as well as being an engrossing read. The statistically typical killer dog is: male, unneutered, unsocialized, obtained as a guard dog and is chained outdoors. There is no breed specificity.
One more thing, pits have been bred to attack livestock (their original purpose was controlling bulls) and later other dogs. “Rehabbing” that is like “rehabbing” a coon dog from going after coons. Rehabbing is misguided and runs the risk of enabling chance-taking founded in naivete. The real solution is propper and secure management. Yes, pits aren’t for everyone.
I’ve always had an issue with people who walk intense pits on a leash. My dogs are ATTACHED to me because even though they’re mostly dog friendly, I can’t take the chance. Readers of my blogs will see the sometimes elaborate and very secure equipment I use to attache them. Around my waist I wear a western horse girth to which I’ve attached a ¼ inch chain swivel. Each dog is lined off of that with quik link screw shut chain link. The only type of snaps I use are bull snaps. Lastly I carry pepper spray to keep other people’s dogs away because dog owners are their own worst enemy. I’ve learned from the hard way, believe me.
Thanks for listening to my palaver. By the way Littlefoot is SUPER cute in that photo!! Speedy recovery to him and keep up the great blog.