Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Visit

I hadn't seen my folks since before the holidays so it was time for a visit.  I drove out early afternoon with the two dogs.  It was Ty's first time in the "new" car an I discovered if I didn't buckle the seat belt behind him, the car would chime continually thinking there was an unfastened passenger.

It's tough to watch parents grow old.  Everyday tasks become challenging for them and the fallout can be depression and frustration, combined with dimming vision and hearing, less mobility, loss of friends... well, getting old is tough.  I'm glad to be able to do what I can to bring a modicum of joy and fulfillment.  I make time in my schedule to call them at least once per day.
The dogs too like going to my folks because there're more people from which to garner affection plus there's always the chance of a snack or two.
As day begins to wane, evening comes on making social contact even more cherished.
Evening is the perfect "Tribal Lodge" time to share food and good conversation.