Tuesday, February 7, 2012

How High IS That Bar?!

Angie has helped me through countless tough times as I very reluctantly loosen grip on what I thought would be my future.  Now divorced I'm finding it impossible to find any woman even remotely in the ball park of what I've always wanted.  I never thought I'd marry a second time.  My now ex changed all that by showing up almost perfect:  Beauty Brain and Body.  Angie tells me my ex has raised the bar so high it's going to be extremely hard to find someone.  I'm very respectful of my ex's privacy but I've gotten permission to post photos.  I didn't ask if I could do face shots 'cause I wouldn't even with permission. 
I cannot tell you how many women online claim "athletic and toned" in dating profiles. In truth, I'd put them in the "sedentary and gross" category.  This, my dears, IS "athletic and toned."  She's in her forties.  Ya can't claim it without putting in the work.
So that's the body, can't show her beauty but she was exotic, one quarter Japanese.  The brain?  Well that word I used in my last post: paedomorphism?  She didn't ask what it meant. She could keep up.  I could talk to her!  Granted she's not a member of Mensa or an Olympic medalist but she is commensurate with my level of dedication to intellectual and physical pursuits.  This created a sense of community and belonging within me.  And no doubt my attachment to her was (is) as much about this feeling of belonging as about who she was.  I've never felt it with anyone before, not even my first wife.  Now you see why I'd bargain with Old Scratch to get her back?

OTHER THAN the lyrics "You're insecure" which is untrue for her, this song is my message to her:

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