Monday, February 6, 2012

Pre-Superbowl Hike

It's around freezing today but not a cloud in the sky.  I've only got a couple hours before the Superbowl so though I brought folding chair and saw to make a fire, I'm quickly running out of time.  The three of us are off into the afternoon sun.
Though we've had warm days, most of the paths have lots of ice making footing treacherous with a 60 pound pit bull pulling for all he's worth.
Low winter sun gleaming off paths of solid ice...
Instead of making a fire, I decide to find a nice spot to "set a spell" and smoke a Swisher BK - their answer to Middleton's Black and Mild.  I've been to this beaver pond once before, years ago, and am pleased to stumble on it, as I wander the network of paths in the area.
Me and my Old Man.
Ty and I have countless adventures under out belts.  We've walked many miles of forest, ocean beach and slept in the woods many, many nights.  He's been a great friend.  No wonder I'm smiling.
...and this is my "smoldering" look.
Mak & I smoldering together.
Hey, "lookit" the time!  We're off to find our way back to the truck as the Superbowl and a couple of cute girls are calling my name...

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