Monday, January 30, 2012

Where's the A-List?

I've just caught up perusing blogs on dating etc.  I can see why I'm single.  There are some seriously  immature, unstable cases out there.  What I find most distressing is the lack of self-knowledge and selfishness revealed in the posts.  My god, is this all there is?  Then truly the all good ones are taken.  And spoiled?  Don't get me started.  Picky, hell, I'm picky myself but at least I know what I want and recognize it when I see it.  Most importantly, once I'm in love, profoundly in love. I don't change.

Has anyone noticed it's often the woman who leaves?  A friend of mine pointed this out and ticked off an impressive list of cases to back up the point.  Divorcing can be very well deserved, it certainly was in my first marriage, but reading these blogs, let me tell you, there are some callous, hard-hearted women in the world.  Women have the cultural reputation of being nurturing, soft, wanting romance etc.  Hardly.  Many have an impervious carapace of selfish immaturity.  They are unaware they wear it let alone understand how it encumbers them.

As Angie recently said, there are plenty of jerks.  If we wanted a relationships with them, that'd be easy.  "But there are good people out there even though they're hard to find."  She tells herself even though it seems impossible to find compatible partners of quality, she persists with the naive notion that it's possible.  A-List partners.  Where by god do you find women from the A-List?

I'll tell you where to at least find a blog from an A-List woman: Notes From Juliet.  Passionately loving your spouse.  That's what I'm talkin' about!