Sunday, January 29, 2012

"Sprucing Up" the Ol' Digital Camera

I've always taken lots of photos.  When I purchased my first digital camera I was enthralled.  As many photos as I want with no developing fees?  How sweet is that?  Since then I've taken well over 100K exposures, perhaps far more, with a variety of cameras.  Experience has taught me travel and heavy use can be hard on equipment so when this old favorite of mine stopped working on today's hike, I figured I'd better spruce it up upon my return home.

Many digital cameras loose function with the accretion of "road dust."  Often nothing more than a cleaning will give them new life.
You'll want to use sufficient water pressure to ensure cleansing every nook and cranny.
Nothing like a smudge-free lense for crisp clear shots - every time.
Have you noticed your video sound quality is a shade off?  Don't forget to give the mic a thorough going over as well.
We've all heard said that moisture is the death of electronics.  So be sure to gently dry your camera with warm, dry heat.
Should you find batteries still become damp or perhaps your lense is a tad fogged a more well rounded heat source could be just the thing.  I placed this camera inside a used tin can to "shroud" it from potentially damaging "hot spots."
Then with a good hardwood blaze in the wood stove, I slipped the device into the embers for, oh, a good hour or so.  That did the trick.  The camera came out of the heat box clean, dry and ready for the next hot photo op.

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