Sunday, January 29, 2012

Ridge Hike

Wow, what a nice day for a hike in January!  It was nice to walk the ridge seeing views visible only without leaves.
First very soft off-roading before pulling off the trail for an hour and a half jaunt.
Mud and ice everywhere at this time of year.
The boys couldn't wait to get out.  Mak gave me a steady reminder of how powerfully pulls.
Soon after taking this photo Ty noticed a dog far up ahead.  'Course Mak went absolutely bonkers.  I looped his line around a tree and pulled out the Fox Labs pepper spray.  It's long expired and pretty beat up.  Good thing I didn't need it 'cause its release button popped off and fell into the leaves.  I bellowed my best Ben Kingsley, "No! No! No!" and the idiot owner got the hint.  As most owners, she had absolutely no voice control and it took her forever to round up her pooch.  Once they'd left, I found the button and with difficult was able to re-affix it to the canister.  But the button stayed depressed releasing the feeble remnants of the can into the leaves.

I swear dog owners are their own worst enemies.  I've only had to spray a dog once and was glad the Fox Labs canister malfunctioned that time too.  But enough came out to give the dog pause.  And when the irritated owner approached and saw the canister, it cooled his jets as well.  The Fox Labs was due to be replaced anyway and this time I'm getting something more effective: UDAP bear spray, because even the stuff state troopers carry comes out in a slow, thin stream.  Fuck that!  Under duress, I want a cloud to explode from the can.  UDAP seems to have the best reviews from those who've tried several bear sprays

This is the last photo taken by a camera I had six and a half years.  It served me well.  I'd guess I've taken maybe 35K exposures with it.  The demise of the camera, and me foolishly not bringing a backup made the rest of the trip "invisible."

From the point of this photo we hiked the ridge for maybe half a mile ending up at a rocky summit of sorts.  I'd easily have spent the whole afternoon but I'd also hoped to drive to my folks later.  So from the summit we headed back to the truck where, though I'd brought the folding chair and fire stuff, I opted to skip the campfire.

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