Friday, January 27, 2012

Where's the Damn Sandman?

The past nights I've been up all hours.  I usually get home c. 23-24:00, take the dogs out, light the wood stove make a meal and attend to emails and blog.  But recently Angie and I have been talking much of the night.  She's intense and is going through challenging times.  Because my huge extended family lives mostly in Europe and I don't have close ties, close friends are my family - consequently Angie is family.  I'd do anything for her and the other night as she was in rough waters I offered to climb out of bed, 04:30 in the morning, and with the dogs drive an hour and a half to her place.  It's what you do for family... and not with a grudging sense of obligation.  Truth is there isn't much I'd rather do in this life than be there for those who are close to me.  It makes me feel needed and appreciated.  'Sides she's there for me too and you Heroes 'N Pirates readers know how much I've been through this past year.

Last night I hoped to get to bed earlier but began giving Invictus much needed attention and afterwards it was about 04:00.  It's getting bad.  For three nights in a row I've been nodding off at the wheel while driving home.  We're not talking the simple cross-eyed doze but the real scary kind, you startle and realize you'd begun dreaming.  Keep in mind that this is after drinking a couple large cups of double strength coffee c. 21:00.

Tonight I was in bed at the crisp early hour of 02:30 and began to drift off, a pit bull rolled up under the covers on either side of me.  Then Mak moved and woke me.  We all know how it is to be almost asleep and then woken.  Too often that's it.  No more sleepy!  I took 3 capsules of Valerian root - ha ha ha - holistic pharmaceuticals?  Puhlease!  No effect on this intense mind.  I haven't really been bothered by anything tonight, the brain's just churning and not accustomed to the early hour.

So I ate several granola bars hoping food might make me sleepy and when that didn't work, I added in a couple hydrocodone that were sitting expired in the lazy susan.  No effect.  I've kept going back to bed, listening to the rain gurgle the gutters, the dogs snoozing, Mak dreaming and twitching against me and then... I'm out of bed again with another idea or thing to do.  Maybe I should kick back a third hydrocodone?  Hmm, *mental note to self: ask primary care for prescription of "Elvis Presley Specials."

...See?  Now the dogs are up and have followed me into the study.  What do we have to do to get a good night's sleep around here?

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