Thursday, January 19, 2012


The old snow tires and rims don't fit the "new" car.  I tried today.  Though the lug not holes line up, the brake calipers are too big for the rims.  Bummer.  I tried to push the added expense and hassle out of my mind.  Instead I went in the basement and pulled deadlifts and did a bit of back work (arm work when I get home tonight).  Then after showering I jumped in the hot tub.  Eyes closed, facing the sun I tried to let go of stress.  I must admit the sun felt nice on closed eyes, the jets churned my back and popping bubbles of the effervescence showered my face with pin pricks droplets.  It was a pleasant place to be.  Driving to work, I hit an emotional pothole, called Angie and she was "right there" for me bringing me back to earth with a reality check.  So though life is still unpleasant, I've got a lot to be thankful for and recognize that in many ways, I'm lucky.

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