Sunday, January 29, 2012

Night Tubbing

As a cloud bank rolls wind gusts have kicked up blanketing all but the most brilliant stars.  From the darkness of the deck I hear my neighbor's ship bell wind chime, smell sweet wood smoke from my own chimney.  I'm in the tub.  I've been alone all day.  In the past, I've been quite independent but these days find myself seeking human contact.  No matter, I've done the best I could this Saturday.  As mentioned in the last post, I cut wood, made dinner, watched UFC while cudding with Mak.  And if your day's has to be alone then this one was reasonably spent.
Perhaps tomorrow I'll drive the truck, hike with the dogs and make a fire in some remote spot.  But for now I'll take things an hour at a time, the dogs for their last walk, get some rest.

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