Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

A couple posts ago I spoke of the holidays, friends and dogs.  New Year's Eve I followed the same formula for success.  Tribe sister Angie and I both unwillingly alone for the occasion decided to team up.  She was house/dog sitting and with her own dog, Riley, that made for three black dogs of descending size, kinda like xylophone keys.
Rather than starting from scratch like the last turkey dinner Angie made, we began cobbling together plates of leftovers from an impressive panoply of Tupperware.

And when it comes to food preparation, the dogs are on "watering hole alert."
Not to mention when times comes to eat...
After eating we had time to take the dogs out.
And I was lucky enough to be graced by an impromptu Frank Sinatra rendition by Angie.  Could one even imagine a better friend?  I think not!
Back inside I loved it up with all my buddies while Angie called her friend Zoe who also had no New Year's Eve plans.
With plenty of time to spare before the ball dropped, Zoe showed up with the party hats.
But even ball dropping suspense doesn't preclude fun with the dogs.
And when the magic moment hit, Riley was only too eager to indulge his "uncle" in a wet New Year's kiss!  Is that Debbie Harry behind us on the couch?
But let's face it, not everyone is into kissing.  Some of us would rather just lay around a gnaw...
To each his/her own.  It was a great way to end what amounted to a catastrophic year.  And we all know what they about what ends well...

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