Sunday, January 15, 2012

Staying In

Bit of a slow weekend.  I'd planned on cutting wood Saturday but couldn't overcome inertia. Feels like I'm stuck in glue.  But as the sun was setting on the frozen vernal pool I saw it's light on the hemlock roots and reflecting off the thin sheet of ice.  That was enough to propel me out of the house with camera in hand.
I hadn't taken the time to kick into a pair of boots so in my house shoes I took this photo through ice of a catatonic oak leaf, blurring it as I tried to prevent unfrozen muck from squishing into my feet.
Here's the setting sun reflected on ice beneath the hemlock.
The day ended better than it began.  I dragged the TV from storage and watched for the first time in well over a year. Pats vs. Broncs.  And though that stimulated depression for a reason of it's own, I talked with Tribe member Pete who was also watching the game at his house.  I was curled up on the dog bed with Mak who placed his massive snoozing head on my chest.   He's the consumate tough pit bull/snuggle-bunny.  Even unhappy as I was, I had to admit it was a pretty cozy place to be.

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