Monday, January 30, 2012

An A-List Tribe Member!

Of any woman I've ever met, Shana's personality, was most like my own.  She was pretty devoutly anti-authority and I told her if ever we married our wedding could have be Bonnie & Clyde theme.  The Thirties suits, cars, Tommy guns, all of it.

Shana was rejected by the military police, air force, I think, as a candidate because she scored too high on their IQ test.  She was well-read and erudite on a broad spectrum of topics.  Jonesy though was more enamored of her cigar.  He thought it was something to eat.
An intense athlete, the stand up heavy bag was in her apartment.  She talked fast, changed subjects frequently, I loved that, it kept my brain active.  Wicked sense of humor, she kept me on my toes.  I don't recall where she got her masters, Seattle maybe?  Chicks like this don't grow on trees I'll, tell ya.