Thursday, December 29, 2011

Holidays? Dogs, Dinner 'N Friends!

Many of us dislike "the holidays" for various reasons.  Sure you might get great food (even if self-provided), and there're plenty of colored lights but traffic is unbelievable, so bad you secretly hope for a neutron bomb.  I don't think that's what's meant by "holiday cheer."  But if you're as lucky as I, you might have a couple of really close friends who understand, love and support you no matter what.  Angie and Pete were MVPs this week.

Pete went WAY out of his way to team up, side-step the used car gangstas and help find a "new" car.

Angie's been going through tough times and, getting together, it's a real pleasure to help her as as she's helped me.
Then too she's got Riley, whom I love as if he was my own.  I've known him since he was the size of a ball of yarn.  As a pup he played with Ty so intensely he left baby teeth on my carpet.  I spotted them when vacuuming.

Riley's not big on other dogs and Chow enough he hasn't got much use for people either... except his Ol' Uncle.  He knows whenever she approaches my home.  He loves "cousin" Ty but now that Ty's thirteen, Mak's stepped in as primary dispenser of mischief.
Riley - my favorite fuzz ball all grown up at 10.
But on the night of this turkey dinner (along with wine, salad, butternut squash soup, mashed potatoes, and mint M&Ms) my dogs were home, it was just Riley and a "secret" dog who's celebrity status demands privacy.

So though "the holidays" can certainly suck, if you've got a couple of good dogs and a close friend, this may be within your reach.

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