Thursday, December 22, 2011

Cresting at c. 200

Training is back on track though arthritis continues (and will forever) color the tone and intensity of this new and dis-improved protocol.  Sadly extreme performance lifting by necessity has become past tense.  But I've strung together a few solid weeks of training without too much pain and have regained a bit of muscle.  Boxing/cardio is going well though here too, max performances are held in check and I rather arbitrarily created a 35 minute ceiling.  Okay, I did slip up and went 38+ minutes the other day but I try to keep myself in check.

A couple days ago I topped two bills for the first time in a long time (Months? Over a year? I'd have to go back and check the training log.)  Today I'm precisely 200 lbs. and won't get heavier as I'm watching my girlish figure.  To put present body weight in perspective, I competed in powerlifting in three weight classes: 198, 220 and 242.  I'm regaining my old comportment and though I feel like a brash 20-something year old, ready for any challenge, my frame reminds me how many fast lane miles I've put on it.  But... still & forever invictus.


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